Swimming Courses


Swimming strengthens your body and almost doesn’t strain your body’s joints at all. All big muscle groups are in use in water, so the whole body is engaged. Swimming also improves immunity and rises the level of endorphins – happy hormones – in your body.

Advantages of swimming:

  • relaxes and strengthens your body more evenly than other sports
  • improves endurance – your child can swim longer without tiring
  • while keeping tempo improves vitality of a heart and blood vessels
  • thanks to activity improves metabolism

Swimming course for children 6 months – 3 years (with parents)

Swimming course for children 3 – 7  years (without parents)

Swimming course for adults in the form of play

Price list

  • 1880 Kč / 8 lessons (50 minutes per lesson)
  • 1350 Kč / 8 lessons for 2nd child
  • 1000 Kč / 8 lessons for 3rd child
  • 250 Kč / 1 trial lesson


Dana Bártová
Phone no.: (+420) 604 231 584
E-mail: malavlnka@seznam.cz

Swimming Courses
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