Healthy backs – compensation exercises for children (6-9 years old)

Reservation necessary at phone no. 724 912 or e-mail

Children playing with balls

About this course

We strengthen our back and belly in playful and entertaining way using various tools (small and big balls, balancing platform, cylinders, SM-system etc.). We also train balance and feet.

We will try what correct breathing can do and how to exercise in pairs with a friend.

One lesson lasts 45 min. and it’s supervised by a physiotherapist.

There’s a maximum of 10 children attending this course.


At DK Fontána, adress: Stamicova 11, Brno – Kohoutovice, former Juventus.

Current availability: We accept new applicants.

O cvičitelce Jana Papírníková

Mgr. Jana Papírníková
Physiotherapist (LF MU) and sports instructor of pilates, yoga, TRX suspension systém, SM-system, barefoot etc.
Preventist and instructor at seminars and workshops on both children and adult topics (healthy feet, healthy backs, ergonomy or workplace…).


  • 1200,- Kč / 16 lessons
  • It’s necessary to make a reservation.


Every Tuesday 16:00 – 16:45 hod.

The whole course takes one school semester:
1st semester: 4.10.2016 – 31.1.2017
No. of lessons in the course: 16


Phone: +420 724 912 970



It’s possible to fill in the form for health insurance for this course and get contribution from health insurance company.