Winter Suburban Swimming Camps in Brno, Kohoutovice

We apologize, but no winter swimming camps are currently available

DK Fontána - Zimní příměstský tábor

Send your children to a winter swimming camp! They love it!

We have prepared a suburban camp during the spring holidays for your children. It is full of games, fun and swimming.

Who is the camp designed for?

Suburban camp is suitable for children between the ages 2.5 and 9. But if you are unsure, call us please or write to us and we will be glad to help you.

What will we do at the camps?

We will be for example painting all kinds of stuff, our bodies/faces, T-shirts, paper and other available surfaces. We will also be creatively tearing stuff, putting parts together, cutting things precisely and making various beautiful presents for moms and dads.

Oh, we forgot to point out that we will also be dancing, singing, playing and having fun!

How much does the camp cost?

  • 2100 CZK
  • Including: drinking regime (ensuring the correct fluid intake for children), swimming, rewards and prizes, art supplies

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Aunts Dana, Táňa and Lenka are looking forward to meeting you!

Dana Bártová - DK Fontána tana Lenka Kunová DK Fontána (Brno - Kohoutovice) - Plavání pro neplavce