Swimming course for three to seven-year old children (without parents)

1st set of swimming courses of the 2017/2018 school year begins September 11.


The course is designed for children between three and seven years of age. Please come to the lesson five to ten minutes in advance.

Where do we swim?

At Centrum rodinných aktivit Fontána (Fontána Family Activities Centre, former DM Juventus).

Those accompanying children should take with them

Clean shoes to change into – without them visitors will not be allowed to enter the swimming pool.
A small playroom and a kitchenette is available to participants and those who accompany them.


Children should take with themBazén Centra rodinných aktivit Fontána (dk-fontana.cz)

  • Shoes for the shower (ideally the Crocs type)
  • Swimsuit fitting rightly, girls should wear a two-piece swimsuit (easier handling at the toilet)
    Swimming cap
  • Swimming goggles (silicone ones without adjustable nose bridge which do not last long and often do not fit well)
  • Towel – ideally one with a hole for the head and a hood (does not fall down on the wet floor and basically dries the child on its own)
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Name tag or a photo (for easy recognition of baskets) and do not forget a snack and something to drink 🙂

Information about where to go, where to leave prams/buggies, coats, shoes, and how to correctly get to the pool will be given to you by the instructors that will be helping to look after you or will be swimming with you.

Price List

  • 1 set: 1 990 Kč
  • 3 sets: 5 400 Kč
  • 5 sets: 8 350 Kč

Current Availability: Available


  • No. of lessons in a set: 8 lessons
  • Length of one lesson: 40 minutes


2nd child

  • 1 set: 1 450 Kč
  • 3 sets: 4 350 Kč
  • 5 sets: 7 250 Kč


  • 1 set: 995 Kč
  • 3 set: 2 985 Kč
  • 5 set: 4 975 Kč


Enrolment form

Registration, excuses and substitutes – new registration system

You can be excused for the swimming lesson up to 20.00 PM the previous day. After that hour it’s no longer possible to accept the excuse as early and to make a substitute for it. Thank you for understanding.

New registration system
It’s called Webooker and it’s used for course registrations, excuses and substitutes for excused hours.

1. If you’re not registered yet, you can do that here.

2. If you are registered but don’t know your password
First you need to create a password on the password creating page (press CTRL and click the link).

  • Write your name into the frame and click Dokončit.
  • After a while you will get your name, password and your link for the login page to the registration system by e-mail.
  • After login you will be able to fully manage your account online.

3. If you already have your password:

  • Click the link fontana.webooker.cz,
  • register for a course,
  • excuse an hour
  • or register for a substitute hour.

Thank you for your cooperation. We believe that the new system will make your reservations easier. In case of questions please contact michal.horen@gmail.com.

By registering for the course you accept the system of excuses and substitutes (in Czech):

Omluvy a náhrady plavání dětí s rodiči

Children who swim for the whole school year (all 5 blocks) can make substitutes without time limit during the whole school year. It applies also for individually payed courses.

By registering for a course you accept our operating regulations (in Czech):

Provozní řád plavání

See Frequently asked questions.

More information:

Tel.: (+420) 604 231 584

E-mail: malavlnka@seznam.cz