Why do we swim?

Swimming is a great way to help children stay healthy, happy and be among people. It’s also an important safety measure and it’s very good for children overall.

What’s happening during swimming?

Swimming doesn’t put pressure on joints. During swimming, we use all big muscle groups and we strengthen and stretch evenly our whole body. It also helps with blood circulation, digestion and increases immunity. That is very useful especially in winter.

Swimming at DK Fontána

Can children keep attention?

We move in water completely differently than normally. That’s why first we need to learn how to do things properly – how to breathe out under the water, how to tread water.

Children don’t feel like being at school. Swimming is adventure for them, that’s why they pay attention to what aunts-instructors tell them and they listen. There are other children in the swimming pool that they must pay attention to and cooperate with.

Will they have fun?

We don’t overtax children. Swimming is playing in an unusual environment that should above all be fun – fun from hovering on the water, from company of other children and using own abilities. These are the the right rewards for learning new skills.

Will it be helfpul sometimes?

Not only sometimes. When you are sure that your child can swim, tread water, knows the depth and water safety and knows what to do in case of accident, you don’t have to be afraid. You can let you child go to water in summer and be calm because you know that he can take care of himself. All the more you will be able to enjoy your stay by the water in summer at sea and in winter at the swimming pool.

Now you know why we swim and now…

Your child won’t only learn lots of new things and will enjoy them during swimming courses but it also means opportunity for you to relax, spend beautiful moments with your child and meet new people. You can experience such moments only several times in your life, so live them fully.

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